About Us

Greenway Heating and Cooling was founded in May 2006. We started with a mission to provide efficient heating and cooling solutions to homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area. After 10 years of success, the company grew and began offering additional services.

We currently provide natural gas operated furnaces, air conditioners, air purifiers, humidifiers, water heaters, fireplaces and thermostats at affordable prices. This variety of reliable products has made us one of the top providers of HVAC services in Toronto.

Besides sales and installation, our range of services also includes repair and maintenance. Mehran and the main technicians hold engineering degrees. The assistants too are specially trained to help the engineers with their tasks. Thus, our team excels in repairing furnaces, fireplaces and air conditioners.

Our technicians complete installations within 6 hours, and we offer 1 year of free service labour in case of any problems. Customer care and satisfaction are our priorities, which is also why we always respond to customer calls within 24 hours. These two commitments are the secret behind our growth and the reason we are one of the best ‘Heating Contractors’ serving the GTA.