Do you sell/install gas furnaces?
Ans. Yes. Our experienced technicians can install all kinds of water heaters. American Standard is top brand we sell.

Do you retail air cleaners and air conditioners?
Ans. Yes. We sell air cleaners and air conditioners.

Do you repair ACs more than 5 years’ old?
Ans. We will check the actual situation and then confirm whether the Ac is repairable. We offer free consultation.

What type of repair services do you offer?
Ans. We repair HVAC, furnaces, air conditioners, air cleaners, water heaters, thermostats, humidifiers and gas/electrical fireplaces

Are your technicians certified / licensed?
Ans. Yes. All our technicians are licensed and certified.

Can your technicians tune up air conditioners?
Ans. Yes. We have technicians who specialise in tune-up.

Can you install/repair kitchen chimneys?
Ans. No. We do not work with chimneys.

Do you provide plumbing and electrical services?
Ans. No.

Do you clean furnaces and fireplaces?
Ans. Yes. We conduct cleaning and maintenance services for furnaces and fireplaces.

Are your services conducted in homes only? Do you serve in offices as well?
Ans. We serve in homes, offices and other commercial spaces.

Can your technicians come to our home in Mississauga? Do you charge for consultation?
Ans. We serve in any part of the Greater Toronto Area. Consultation is free.

Can we rent furnaces, humidifiers or water heaters from?
Ans. Yes. Please visit our SERVICES page for detail.

Do you install/repair Wi-Fi thermostats?
Ans. Yes. We can install and repair Wi-Fi /digital thermostats.

Are you certified HVAC engineers?
Ans. Our team has certified HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) engineers.

What are your hours of operation?
Ans. 24/7.

Do you work on holidays?
Ans. Yes.

Do you attend emergency calls at night?
Ans. Yes. We operate 24/7. We visit within 24 hours from the time we receive your call.

Do you offer HVAC on rent at events?
Ans. Yes. You can rent HVAC systems for events. Please find more information on SERVICES page.